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Fernus always has a solution...

Interactive White Board Applications (Fernus IWBAs), Vector-based Graphical Video System (Fernus VGVS), Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS, Desktop, WEB...

Since 1990, Fernus aims to provide the best software solutions in the field of educational technology.

Thanks to our three decades of superior expertise we have been working under the proud name of Fernus IT since 2012.

Our job is to provide superior services while offering fast, efficient, innovative, sustainable and unique solutions.

32 Years of Experience
1342 Worthwhile Projects
780 Mobile Applications
10000000 Users

We are transforming education technologies...

Ever since Interactive white boards and digital devices have joined to the field of education and greatly influenced the learning environments, Fernus, an R&D company based in Ankara University Technopolis, has actively participated in providing related digital products. After years of hard work, Fernus has become a prominent brand in Turkey, providing for over 95 percent of local demand. As another proof of its competence, Fernus has attracted significant international attention following the successful cooperation with Cambridge University Press in 2018.

A Software Team working in global scales...

As Fernus Team we always aim to produce creative products thanks to the experience we have gained over past 3 decades.

Software Engineers
Graphic Designers
Education Technologists
Mobile Application Developers
Project Managers
System Managers
Fast production
Effective production
Customer friendly
Years of Experience (More than 30 years)
Positive feedbacks
Cooperating with more than 200 national and international publishers
Green and Environmentally friendly