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Fernus IWBAs

Fernus has developed interactive whiteboard applications to provide the opportunity for teachers to view the books of publishers on interactive boards, to make operations on them and to teach more efficiently with videos, animations, sounds and visuals that support the book.

200 Publishing Houses
10000 Book Production
4000000 Satisfied Pupils
1500000 Satisfied Teachers

Fernus IWBAs offer ease of use to teachers and students by providing an attractive and smooth interface. Students can easily interact with the options and learn the educational concepts in a fun way.

What is Fernus IWBAs?

Fernus IWBAs are specific interactive white board applications presenting publishers’ material with a great emphasis on creating digitalized books. Teachers can benefit from the vast choices of educational contents, activities, audio-visuals, interactive games and assessment materials while students can simply enjoy sitting in the classroom environment and appreciate our top-quality services.

Fernus IWBAs are smoothly operated on numerous operation systems and platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android).

Smart Class Compatible

Fernus IWBAs can be perfectly connected and synchronized with Fernus IMBs availing teachers of a great chance to manage classrooms while eliminating the need for any Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. Fernus IWBAs are thus smart class compatible and offer a swift experience to the users by connecting to various devices.

Multi - Touch Feature

Fernus IWBAs present a convenient way to operate functions that require multi touch gestures like zooming in and out.


Security in Fernus products, being of the highest priority, enjoys a great deal of attention when it comes to encryption and file safety.

Outstanding Visual Quality

Having applied the latest technologies in the field of programming and graphical design, Fernus company has successfully mastered the art of preserving visual quality in its products.

Easy Installation

Fernus IWBAs files require no installation and there is absolutely no necessity for additional software. All the required files are in a built-in format.

Easy Update

Fernus IWBAs can be updated instantly in accordance with the changes applied to the books.