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Mobile Optical Mark Reader (Fernus mOMR)

Fernus mOMR provides an opportunity for students to have an instant evaluation for their exams, and for teachers to analyze in detail all the results acquired from the participants.

45 Publishing Houses
4750000 Exam Assessment
700000 Satisfied Learners
300000 Satisfied Teachers

Fernus mOMR is available on iOS and Android, it is accessible everywhere!

Accurate Analysis

Fernus mOMR reads and detects flawlessly.

Turkey Overall Ranking

Students can see and keep track of their progress in frequently updated rankings all around Turkey.

Exporting Grades

Teachers can organize the results of the entire class in a PDF report.

Question-based Sub Scores Report

This system demonstrates insufficient points according to the topics and reports a descriptive account of the students progress in accordance with the curriculum.

Video Answering System

After the exam, answers to each question can be easily accessed via Fernus VGVS.