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Fernus VGVS

It’s an innovative technology that ensure infinite resolution and quality for the videos. It is infinitely clearer than the world’s best camera’s video! While it provides this, it only has the file size of 1/20 of a normal video. It is absolutely a lifehack!

35 Publishing Houses
1300000 Videos
850000 Satisfied Pupils
1300 Rescued Trees

VGVS provides high quality clear videos and amazingly does this with the file size of 1/20 of a normal video, in other words Fernus Vector-based Graphical Videos take up only 50MB space.

There are many video-based solutions that publishers and/or teachers create in order for students to understand questions more thoroughly.
In order to achieve this, publishers and teachers require technical equipment such as studio, camera, microphone… Despite the use of these equipment’s, videos can be insufficient due to certain technical problems.
Fernus Vector-based Graphical System has solved all these technical problems allowing for teachers to enjoy the simplicity of creating videos without having to go anywhere at the comfort of their own home.

Fernus created vector graphics rather than raster graphics; combined video, voice and the drawings used by teachers while examining the question and create a united illimitably qualitative video ever! Although it can cover whole universe, it just takes up very little space. Hence, Fernus VGVS reduces students’ internet quota usage.

Fernus VGVS has its own unique player for IOS and Android operating systems as well as HTML5 player thus it can be easily integrated to any platforms such as LMS.